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Image Artist SongTitle Label Number Grade Defects Min.Bid StoreName
Antonia Badu Veracruz / Tus Pupilas  Taxco3033  E- :: VG++  scfs $5.99  Venerable Music
Piano Red Rockin' With Red / Red's Boogie  RCA Victor22-0099  E :: E-   $5.99  Venerable Music
Sonny Knight Short Walk / Dedicated To You  StarlaS-1  VG+/VG  scfs ,  ltscr ,  stog ,  wol $14.99  Venerable Music
Dinah Washington Homeward Bound / Evil Gal Blues  Keynote605  E   $6.99  Venerable Music
El Dorados At My Front Door / What's Buggin' You Baby  Vee-Jay147  VG   $5.99  Venerable Music
Milo Twins Swamp Woman Blues / Love In An Aeroplane  Capitol40094  VG+ :: VG++  sld ,  ltscr $4.99  Venerable Music
Cowboy Copas & Grandpa Jones / Fairley Holden Move It On Over X 2  King665  VG+  sld ,  pdig $4.99  Venerable Music
Phil Spitalny You Must Be Vigilant / America The Beautiful - Test Pressing  Columbia36550  VG+  grgrvs ,  pdig ,  scfs $2.99  Venerable Music
Frank Farrell's Greenwich Village Inn Orchestra Who Knows? / The Song Is Ended  Silvertone3457  VG+/VG  mld ,  scfs ,  ltscr ,  stog $3.99  Venerable Music
Frank Luther & Carson Robison When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver / Wabash Moon  Crown3070  VG   $3.99  Venerable Music
Mariachi Los Costenos / Hermanas Padilla Flor De Mexico / La Barca De Oro  Columbia1010-C  E- :: E/E-  scfs $7.99  Venerable Music
George Jones You Gotta Be My Baby / It's OK  Starday247  E/E-  stog $7.99  Venerable Music
Jumpin Red Cassidy When I First Met Mary / Everywhere You Go  Rain Records1003/1004  VG++  scfs $4.99  Venerable Music
Nora Bayes Singin' The Blues / The Broadway Blues  ColumbiaA3311  VG  grn $3.99  Venerable Music
Fats Waller Darktown Strutters' Ball / I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby  Bluebird10573  VG+/VG :: VG+  grn ,  grgrvs ,  tol $5.99  Venerable Music
Arthur Fields St. Louis Blues / Hallelujah I'm A Bum  Madison1642  VG  grn ,  stog $3.99  Venerable Music
Dixie Humming Birds Move On Up A Little Higher / We Shall Walk Through The Valley  GothamG-628  VG/VG-  chd ,  scfs ,  ltscr $4.99  Venerable Music
Frank C. Stanley Hello People  Lakeside70377  VG/VG-   $3.99  Venerable Music
Hawaiian Serenaders Weeping Willow Lane / Honolulu Sweetheart  Oriole1117  VG+  grn $7.99  Venerable Music
Vernon Dalhart & Carson Robison Drifting Down The Trail Of Dreams / Bring Me A Leaf From The Sea  Columbia15282  VG  mld ,  dpscr ,  stog $3.99  Venerable Music
Claude King Got The World By The Tail / Slow Thinking Heart  Specialty711  VG+  grgrvs $4.99  Venerable Music
Ruth McFadden Darling, Listen To The Words Of This Song / Since My Baby's Been Gone  Old Town1017  E+   $7.99  Venerable Music
Lanin's Roseland Orchestra Snakes Hips / That Red Head Gal  Silvertone2299  VG+/VG  grn ,  grgrvs ,  ndr $4.99  Venerable Music
Joseph Samuels' Dance Orchestra Why Did I Kiss That Girl? / I've Got A Cross-Eyed Papa (But He Looks Straight To Me)  Silvertone2368  VG+/VG  grgrvs ,  rst $4.99  Venerable Music
Perry KIm & Einer Nyland Keep Me On The Firing Line / No Disappointment In Heaven  Silvertone3819  VG++  grn $3.99  Venerable Music
Bill Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers New Spanish Two-Step / Spanish Fandango  Bluebird7921  VG+ :: E-  grgrvs $5.99  Venerable Music
Jimmie Revard & His Oklahoma Playboys Let Me Live And Love You / Come Up And See Me Some Day  Bluebird7248  VG+  grgrvs ,  stog $4.99  Venerable Music
Sister Rosetta Tharpe Beams Of Heaven / Precious Memories  Decca48070  VG++  grn $7.99  Venerable Music
Bradley Kincaid Four Thousand Years Ago / Liza Up In The 'Simmon Tree  Champion15687  VG/VG-  grn $3.99  Venerable Music
Hall Trio / Frank Luther & Carson Robison Keep It To Yourself / Why Did I Get Married?  Victor23784  VG++   $9.99  Venerable Music
Georgia Tom Grevin' Me Blues / It's Tight Like That  Vocalion1216  G-/G  mld $2.99  Venerable Music
Henry Whitter Travelling Man / Ellen Smith  Okeh40237  VG  hc ,  rc $5.99  Venerable Music
Sophie Tucker ('Cause I Feel) Low-Down / Oh! You Have No Idea  Okeh41058  VG+ :: VG+/VG  grgrvs ,  stog $7.99  Venerable Music
Irene Beasley Good Mornin' / Go 'Long, Lassas  Victor21266  VG  grn ,  sld ,  stog ,  tol $3.99  Venerable Music
Specht Society Syncopators Hot Lips / You Can Have Him I Don't Want Him  Broadway11145  VG+   $7.99  Venerable Music
Three Tobacco Tags Courtin' / V-8 Blues  Bluebird6730  VG+ :: VG  flk ,  grgrvs ,  stog $7.99  Venerable Music
Mildred Bailey Concentratin' / Lies  Victor22880  E   $8.99  Venerable Music
Narmour & Smith Whistling Coon / Who's Been Giving You Corn?  Okeh45263  VG/VG- :: VG-  sld ,  stog $8.99  Venerable Music
Golden Gate Orchestra Dream Train / A Precious Little Thing Called Love  Edison52547  E- :: E/E-  mld $49.99  Venerable Music
Jimmie Rodgers Blue Yodel / Away Out On The Mountain  Victor21142  E-  grgrvs $9.99  Venerable Music
Georgia Yellow Hammers My Carolina Girl / The Picture On The Wall  Victor20943  E-  stog $8.99  Venerable Music
Tobacco Tags The Little Red Piggy / Little Rose Covered Garden  Bluebird8995  VG+  ltscr $7.99  Venerable Music
Frank Banta For My Sweetheart / Just A Little Longer  Victor20292  E   $7.99  Venerable Music
Finzel's Arcadia Orchestra Of Detroit Calling / Stealing To Virgina  Okeh4985  VG :: VG+/VG  grn ,  sld ,  stog $5.99  Venerable Music
Zach Whyte's Chocolate Beau Brummels It's Tight Like That / West End Blues  Champion15714  G+ :: G++  grn ,  hc $9.99  Venerable Music
Kessinger Brothers Forked Deer / Arkansas Traveller  Brunswick247  VG+/VG :: VG  grgrvs $8.99  Venerable Music
Perline Ellison New That Ain't Right / Razor Totin' Mama  Decca7910  VG+  grn ,  sld ,  pdig ,  stog $7.99  Venerable Music
Almanac Singers Talking Union / Union Train  Keynote301  E/E-  grn $14.99  Venerable Music
Lonnie Johnson Life Saver Blues / Blue Ghost Blues  Okeh8557  VG/VG-  grgrvs ,  sld ,  scfs ,  ltscr $19.99  Venerable Music
Kid Ory Go Back Where You Stayed Last Night / Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula  Columbia38958  E :: E/E-   $5.99  Venerable Music
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