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Image Artist SongTitle Label Number Grade Defects Min.Bid StoreName
Jack Denny & his Orchestra There's a Million Ways to Say I Love You / Auf Wiedersehen, My Dear  Victor22917  E/E-  tol $7.99  Speed Demon
Bud Billings (Frank Luther) & Carson Robison When the Sun Goes Down On a Little Prairie Town / Ma and Pa (Send Their Sweetest Love)  Victor22997 (1,871 sold)  VG+  grgrvs ,  scfs $7.99  Speed Demon
Duke Ellington & His Cotton Club Orchestra Old Man Blues / Jungle Nights In Harlem  Victor23022  VG+/VG  grn ,  eld ,  ltscr ,  tol $5.99  Venerable Music
Gene Autry Money Ain't No Use Anyway / Bear Cat Papa Blues (-2)  Victor23530  E  flk $49.99  Venerable Music
Blind Alfred & Orville Reed There'll Be No Distinction There / Beware  Victor23550  VG/VG- :: VG  grgrvs ,  tol $49.99  Venerable Music
Allen Brothers Roll Down The Line / Old Black Crow In The Hickory-Nut Tree  Victor23551  VG++ :: E-   $69.99  Venerable Music
Dick Robertson Twenty-One Years / Mary And Mother  Victor23616  VG/VG-  hc $4.99  Venerable Music
Jimmie Rodgers Let Me Be Your Side Track / Rodgers' Puzzle Record  Victor23621  VG/VG- :: VG-  grn $19.99  Venerable Music
Jimmie Rodgers Blue Yodel No. 10 / Mississippi Moon  Victor23696  E- :: VG++   $75.00  Top Shelf Records
George's Hot Shots Why Should (Fight About What) / We Do It Just The Same  Victor23739 (1,039 copies sold)  E- :: VG++   $14.99  Speed Demon
Jimmie Rodgers Whippin' That Old T. B. / No Hard Times  Victor23751  VG/VG-  hc ,  mld ,  dpscr $19.99  Venerable Music
Fats Waller West Wind / Sing An Old Fashioned Song  Victor25253  VG  grn ,  mld ,  stog $3.99  Venerable Music
Hoagy Carmichael and his Orch. (Bix) Rockin' Chair/Georgia  Victor25494  E-  flk ,  pdig ,  scfs $11.95  Rare78s
Fats Waller I'm Sorry I Made You Cry / Havin' A Ball  Victor25515  VG+/VG :: VG+  grgrvs $7.99  Venerable Music
Bix Beiderbecke / and his Orchestra I'll Be A Friend With Pleasure / Mary  Victor26415  VG+ :: VG+   $5.00  78 Reasons
Duke Ellington Warm Valley / The Flaming Sword  Victor26796  E/E- :: E   $4.99  Venerable Music
Darius Lyons Le Carnaval Russe (Ciardi)  Victor31623  VG+   $5.00  recordsmarty
Hermanos Castilla Maria Elena / Dulce Maria  Victor32010  VG++ :: VG++   $5.00  78 Reasons
Los Dos Marias / Duo con Guitarra Adelita / Serian Las Dos  Victor32657  VG+ :: VG+  tol $5.00  78 Reasons
Arthur Pryor's Band America Forever/Marsovia Waltzes  Victor35112  VG+   $5.00  recordsmarty
Victor Light Opera Company Gems From "The Prince of Pilsen"/Gems From "The Red Mill"  Victor35329  VG+ :: VG   $5.00  recordsmarty
Pietro Deiro Rigoletto Quartet/Light Cavalry Overture  Victor35367  VG+   $5.00  recordsmarty
Castle House Orchestra Esmeralda-Waltz Hesitation/Cecile-Waltz Hesitation  Victor35373  VG+   $5.00  recordsmarty
Rev. J. M. Gates If You Say You Got Good Religion Don't Turn Back/From The Pit To The Throne  Victor38016  VG+/VG  grn ,  scfs ,  ltscr $11.95  Rare78s
Richard Jones and His Jazz Wizards Novelty Blues/Tickle Britches Blues  Victor38040  E+/E  grn $59.95  Rare78s
Jelly-Roll Morton and His Orchestra Red Hot Pepper/Deep Creek  Victor38055  VG/VG-  grgrvs ,  scfs ,  ltscr $19.95  Rare78s
Henry Allen It Should Be You / Biff'ly Blues  Victor38073  VG/VG-  grn ,  grgrvs $14.99  Venerable Music
Tiny Parham and His Musicians VooDoo/Skag-a-lag  Victor38504  G++  grn ,  grgrvs ,  scfs ,  ltscr ,  ltstr $11.95  Rare78s
Jules Allen Zebra Dun / The Gal I Left Behind Me  Victor40022  VG/VG-   $5.99  Venerable Music
Harry McClintock "Radio Mac" / "Peg" Moreland Ain't We Crazy/He Never Came Back  Victor40101  E/E- :: E-  scfs $11.95  Rare78s
Harry McClintock Hobo's Spring Song / If I Had My Druthers  Victor40112  VG+  grn $8.99  Venerable Music
Binkley Brothers Dixie Clodhoppers Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane / When I Had But Fifty Cents  Victor40129  VG+/VG  grn $9.99  Venerable Music
Paul Hamblin The Strawberry Roan / Under Dakota's Cross  Victor40260  VG+  grn $7.99  Venerable Music
Jimmie Davis She's A Hum Dum DingerDoggone That Train  Victor40286  VG :: VG   $50.00  78 Treasures
Morrison Twin Brothers String Band Dry And Dusty / Ozark Waltz  Victor40323  VG :: VG+/VG  hc ,  sld $39.99  Venerable Music
Lambert Murphy Mavournean Roamin'/The Sunshine of Your Smile  Victor55069  VG++ :: VG+   $5.00  recordsmarty
A. Rutman Ki Lekach Tov / V'Shomru  Victor67188  E- :: VG+/VG  stog $4.99  Venerable Music
Otto Goritz Trompeter von Sackingen-Werner's Farewell (Nessler)  Victor74212  VG+   $5.00  recordsmarty
Carlos Gardel / con Orquesta Amargura (Tango Cancion) / Arrabal Amargo (Tango)  Victor82860  VG+ :: VG+   $5.00  78 Reasons
Emilio de Gorgoza Malgre' moi  Victrola64242  VG++  tol $6.00  Stephen's Shellac
King Oliver's Jazz Band Too Bad / Snag It  Vocalion1007  VG :: G++  ltscr $25.00  Top Shelf Records
Edward W. Clayborn Let That Lie Alone / Jesus Will Make It All Right  Vocalion1093  VG/VG-  ltstr $29.99  Venerable Music
Rev. A. W. Nix and His Congreation Your Bed Is Too Short and Your Cover Too Narrow/Three Boys In A STrange Land  Vocalion1159  VG-  scfs ,  ltscr ,  wdm $4.95  Rare78s
Lulu Jackson You're Going To Leave The Old Home,Jim!/Careless Love Blues  Vocalion1193  VG+/VG :: VG/VG-  pdig ,  npdig $10.00  Basement Archive
Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra Some Rainy Day / She's Funny That Way  Vocalion1240  E/E- :: E-   $100.00  Top Shelf Records
Memphis Minnie Bumble Bee / I'm Talking About You  Vocalion1476  VG-  rst ,  ltstr $60.00  Papsrecords
Bessemer Sunset Four I Feel Like My Time Ain't Long/I Want To Go Home To See My Lord  Vocalion1650  VG  flk ,  grgrvs ,  bascr $75.00  Basement Archive
Joseph Robechaux & His New Orleans Boys Saturday Night Fish Fry Drag / Foot Scuffle  Vocalion2796  E+ :: E  tol $59.99  Venerable Music
Victoria Spivey Any-Kind-A-Man/Ain't Gonna Let You See My Santa Claus  Vocalion03366  E   $100.00  78 Treasures
Sharkey and his Sharks Of Rhythm High Society/I'm Satisfied With My Gal  Vocalion3380  VG+  scfs ,  ltscr $6.95  Rare78s
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